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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k Gold, 

Size - 9.75

It seems to be a universal human longing to know where in the world we belong. But according to some ancient myths, even gods and goddesses were not always sure of their place. In Norse mythology,  Máni—god of the moon—was uncertain of his role in the universe while the cosmos was initially emerging. It was only when the creator deities divided day from night and each season from all the others that his purpose became clear. Máni would control the tides and help mark time as he phased in and out of sight.

We cannot help but think of Máni whenever we gaze at The Vintage Gold & Moonstone Ring. Known as Moon by the humans, Fiery One by the gods, and Counter of Years by the elves, Máni’s beams have guided and protected individuals for eons. In much the same way, the gem which shares its name with the lunar light is said to be a stone of protection and stability. Moonstones are believed to open the heart to compassion and love and attract to the wearer what they most need. It is a gem of inspiration, hope, and connection. 

Featuring a magnificent moonstone centered at its heart, this handsome 14K gold ring reminds us of all the good we can do when we inhabit our place in the world with an open heart. More than remarkable adornment, it is the embodiment of the divinity within us all which illuminates the path before us even in the dark.