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Era - Repurposed Vintage Pieces

Materials - 18K Gold Charm, Diamonds & Chain

Brave love is sexy. And it changes the world. That’s the truth at the heart of the gorgeously provocative Make Love Not War Necklace. And it’s the essence of the famous Flower Power photograph that this stunning necklace brings to mind.

Taken by Bernie Boston on 21 October 1967, the breathtaking photo captures the audacity of love in the face of violence. As soldiers surrounded anti-war protestors near the Pentagon—marching into the crowd and pointing their rifles at those gathered—a young man armed with nothing but carnations stepped out from the throng to meet them. Forever held in black and white, the image of this man gently placing carnations in the barrels of each gun came to represent the conviction that primal love conquers hate and paves the way for peace among all.

Exquisitely composed of repurposed vintage pieces, this timely fashion statement features an 18K gold gun charm with a diamond accent and a dazzling diamond bloom on a deliciously delicate chain. A celebration of all who choose radical love in the face of fear and fury, this singularly sensual necklace dresses up any outfit and will likely inspire a few fascinating conversations, too.