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Era - Edwardian 

Materials - Platinum & 18K yellow gold set diamonds with emerald halo. Center stone is approximately 1.55 ct pear cut (clarity I/J).

Length - 17" platinum diamonds by the yard chain, 1.6" pendant height

Weight - 7.46 grams

Comes with appraisal. 

One glimpse of the radiant Edwardian Diamond With Emerald Halo Pendant Necklace is all it takes to fall under the spectacular spell cast by its luxurious presence wherever it goes. Featuring platinum and 18K yellow gold set diamonds with an emerald halo, this enthralling necklace was masterfully designed and crafted in an age when the British were consolidating power in India. And while political savvy and generous offerings of gemstones as tribute to the Crown went a long way towards smoothing relations between the two countries, what was lost for a time was the meaning of the jewels which accompanied royalty back from trips to India. 

More than magnificent in appearance, these captivating emeralds and enchanting diamonds were held in high esteem in the Vedic scriptures rooting the culture of India. Gemstones of Mercury and Venus respectively, they were among the nine preeminent gemstones listed in the Shastras—sacred texts—and imbued with power from the deities they represented. Said to bear the intelligence of Budha, Lord of Mercury himself, emeralds were believed to increase the persuasive power of speech, empower creativity, and inspire serenity. And as gemstones of Shukra—deity of Venus—diamonds were believed to enhance clarity of vision as well as determination of purpose. 

United together in this outstanding pendant necklace, every single emerald and diamond shimmering within is a testament to the past and present. A thrilling historic adornment, this phenomenal Edwardian necklace is an unequivocal statement of beauty and significance once again reconciled to each other.