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Era - Georgian Pin converted to Charm 

Materials - 18k Gold, Silver, Blue Enamel & Rose Cut Diamonds 

Measurements - 29mm x 22mm 

Weight - 6g

Artemis was a goddess who knew the satisfaction of being in a relationship with herself. Possessing both masculine and feminine energies, this goddess of the moon was dynamic in her relationships and served as both the protector of nature and women in childbirth. Her friendship with Orion the Hunter made her brother Apollo jealous—and when a god became jealous, someone usually died. After Apollo tricked her into shooting an arrow through her friend’s head, Artemis placed Orion among the stars to honor their friendship and all platonic friendships between men and women. 

We don’t know if the designer of this magnificent charm knew the legend of Artemis and Orion, but we are certain The Georgian Moon and Star Charm would delight the moon goddess herself. Featuring 18K gold, silver, blue enamel, and diamonds, the spectacular adornment was skillfully crafted by an artisan with an eye for the wonder of the night, making it a perfect piece for anyone who honors the magic of the moon in all her forms.