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Era - Vintage 

Materials - 14K Gold, 62 diamonds, approximately 5 cts

Size - 16"

A simple way to add a sizzle of sexy to any ensemble, the sensational Diamond Tennis Necklace features 62 radiant diamonds winking their way through the world. Enveloped in the embrace of 14K gold, each scintillating sparkler shimmers and shines wherever it kisses the light. And if legends and lore are to be believed, a draping of diamonds such as these around your neck will go a long way towards empowering creativity, wisdom, and vision as you wear them. 

Believed by Plato to be the embodiment of celestial beings, diamonds are said to be the stone of the Mother Goddess who bestows a portion of her own strength and resilience on those who adorn themselves with these exquisite gems. Credited with lending their clarity to the hearts and minds of those who wear them, diamonds are also believed to liberate the imagination and open up new worlds of what is possible. 

Classically bewitching, this stunning vintage diamond necklace makes it easy to believe anything and everything marvelous could happen in its company. Ravishing on its own, this gorgeous vintage diamond necklace also dances very well with others as it complements the beauty of all in its orbit.