$850.00 USD


Era - Vintage 

Materials - 14K Gold & Turquoise

In the time before time began, Long Life Boy and Happiness Girl became the esteemed parents of Estsanatlehi—The Woman Who Changes. Mother of the four original Navajo clans, Estsanatlehi also helped create all the skies and all the lands. It is perhaps no surprise then that Estsanatlehi is also called Turquoise Woman, as turquoise is an azure stone of heavenly wonder gifted to humans from the depths of the earth. And like The Changing Woman herself, turquoise is believed to honor the dynamic nature of life.

A tribute to all which flourishes through the ebbs and flows of existence, the sweet Turquoise and Flower Pendant highlights the brilliant blue of turquoise within blooms of 14K gold. As a gemstone of balance, turquoise is said to help restore the equilibrium of the heart’s center even in the most tumultuous of times. It is a lucky stone, a gem of protection, and one believed to enliven spiritual and physical health. A gemstone of reverence among Estsanatlehi’s people—the Navajo Nation—turquoise is a celebration of the beginnings and blossomings honored by this unique vintage charm.