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Era - c1950's

Materials - 14K Gold

Length -1.8 Inches

Weight - 2.9 DWT

There is nothing quite like keeping the touch of a dear one close to your heart. A snapshot, a fragment of writing, the petal of a flower picked just for you—the charm of a locket is in how it keeps the precious near. Brought into being nearly a century ago, the Antique Loved Locket has safeguarded its share of treasures and continues to delight.

Offspring of ancient amulets, lockets have held secrets and sentiments for centuries, but it was not until the late 16th century that portraiture became a centerpiece for many of them. Popularized by Queen Elizabeth I—who wore a locket ring with an image of herself and her mother Anne Boleyn contained within—such ornaments became a fashionable way to always be united to someone you love. .

Fashioned from 14K gold, this delightfully uncomplicated locket stands sweetly by itself yet harmonizes well in a collection of charms. We like to imagine the love held within it is palpable to each new wearer as a blessing of sorts for the heart it honors.