$4,200.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold, 1.38 ct Emerald Cut Emerald 

* Chain sold separately here

When goddess and gods squabble, it is Thoth who makes peace—or so go the legends of this fascinating Egyptian god. More than arbiter of divine disputes, Thoth is the messenger of Ra, god of the moon, and deity of writing, magic, wisdom, justice, and art. The gorgeous emerald is his gemstone, and the straight up stunning 1.38ct Emerald Cut Emerald Charm does an excellent job of showing off why. 

A straightforward beauty, this emerald cut emerald set in 14K gold epitomizes the glamour of green. Needing no embellishment, this marvelous gem delights with its tranquil wonder. Said to be a gem of abiding patience, it’s no wonder Thoth is honored through emeralds. Long emblematic of springtime renewal, emeralds are also believed to be revitalizing gemstones, invigorating the mind and body of those who wear them. Jewel of truth, gem of prudence, stone of harmony, this vintage emerald charm might just grant the wearer a bit of Thoth’s magic or it may simply be a delectable addition to your day and your collection.