$450.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold

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Long before there were history books to record such things, there was an island in a bay off the coast of what would one day come to be known as California. Christened Isla de los Alcatraces—Island of the Pelicans—by Juan Manuel de Ayala, this island was the abode of countless seabirds until it became the site of a fortress in the 1850s. But in modern history, this island is best known for being something of an infamous home to felons so clever, so dangerous, they were confined to a place thought to be inescapable. 

Fashioned from 14K gold, the captivating Alcatraz Island charm is history in adornment. A fascinating addition to any collection, this treasure serves as both conversation starter and unique ornament. As the latter, it speaks for itself. And in the interest of the former, we offer you this tidbit of trivia: While Alcatraz operated as a prison, 14 escape attempts were made by a total of 34 prisoners and only three men are believed to actually have gotten away successfully.