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Era - Vintage

Materials - Platinum & Diamonds (3.0tcw)

Length - 16"

There is nothing diamonds cannot cure. Or at least that’s what those who lived in the Middle Ages believed about these stunning gems. Credited with healing everything from tummy aches to tiredness to nightmares as well as memory loss, depression, and heart troubles, diamonds were said to be marvelous miracle workers for all that ailed. And sure, we know advances in science have come a long way since then, but when we look at bewitching Bezel Set Diamond Tennis Necklace, we still see the magnificent potential of diamonds to simply make us feel oh so mighty and good.

Fashioned from platinum and an exhilarating ensemble of dazzling diamonds, this vivacious vintage necklace makes every single day something of a special occasion as soon as it is slipped against the skin. Gemstones said to embody strength and tenacity, diamonds make the perfect companion for the times when you need to remember just how phenomenal you are. Stimulator of vision and protector of courage, diamonds are also credited with emboldening those who wear them and inspiring creativity as you craft the life of your dreams.

An ideal accompaniment to any day and all the boring and brilliant moments of being human, this platinum and diamond vintage tennis necklace may not heal the world, but it sure does its part to make existence a more breathtaking delight.