$3,200.00 USD


Era - Vintage Cartier

Materials - Platinum, Ruby, Diamonds

* Chain sold separately here

Auspicious fortune and a felicitous destiny—to the Serer people of Senegal the five-pointed star is a sign of both. Symbolic of Yoonir, the brightest star in the night sky, this sacred emblem holds the story of existence in its lines. Far from the only ones who honor the star as a symbol of the divine, the Serer are in the company of countless humans throughout time. With its presence on archeological artifacts dating back more than 6000 years, the star has meant something hallowed, something marvelous to more than a few. And dazzling us as the Cartier Ruby & Diamond Star Charm, this scarlet symbol of all things wondrous has us smitten.

Crafted by Cartier, this vintage charm features the fiery gleam of rubies encircled by diamonds held within the embrace of platinum. Said to represent the flames of soul forever flickering through the universe, rubies are credited with stimulating the life force energy within those who wear them. Perfectly complementing the ruby heart, the diamonds encompassing it are believed to revitalize vision and creativity as they inspire the imagination to explore all that is possible. 

A timeless token of transcendence, this vintage Cartier star charm offers a bit of brilliance to every day.