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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold

* Chain sold separately here

For anyone focused on manifesting material abundance in their lives, we can think of no better adornment for putting that intention out into the world than the unique Mad Money Charm.

Digging into the history of this particularly recognizable emblem, we discovered that the first use of it in print as a symbol of United States currency occurred after 1800. Originally tied to the Spanish peso, our symbol for money likely came from abbreviating peso to PS with the S superimposed over the P. Since its inception all those years ago, the dollar sign has become a ubiquitous representation of all that money makes possible.

Far from demonizing it, we appreciate money for all the good it can do in the world. And we think this 14K gold vintage charm is the perfect choice for any and all who dare to believe they have every right to chase their dreams of what it means to them. A talisman with its own trivia, this conversation starter may just open doors to more of what is possible when you have the faith to go after what you want.