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Era - Antique circa 1900's

Materials - 14K Gold & Diamond

* Chain sold separately here. 

Heartsease. Love-in-idleness. Call-me-to-you. The tender pansy goes by many names. And at the turn of the 20th century—when the darling Pansy Pin & Pendant was crafted—the pansy was among the blossoms most readily chosen to convey sentiments through the language of flowers.

Generally symbolic of affection, pansies were often gifted by besotted Victorians to their loves during the early stages of courting when outright declarations of devotion would have been deemed impolite. Purple pansies in particular were said to honor the nobility and beauty of the one who received them. But the Victorians were not the only ones who sent messages by code through flowers. In Japan, this floral cipher was called Hanakotoba. And in Hanakotoba, a gift of purple pansies meant You occupy my thoughts.

Delicately fashioned to appear as if it has just been gathered from the earth, this antique purple pansy features a twinkling diamond at its heart. A charming addition to your collection, this brilliant blossom can be worn as either a pin or pendant.