$3,425.00 USD


Era - Vintage c1960

Materials - 18k Gold, Diamonds

Length - 18"

Favorable fortune and an abundant harvest. Vitality, provision, friendship, and faith. Wherever it is found or carried, the noble sunflower symbolizes all things glorious, making this cheerful vintage Sunflower Necklace something like a guardian of good wherever it is worn.

Marvelously rendered in 18K gold and diamonds, this charming 1960s necklace is the embodiment of flower power. As gems of the crown chakra, diamonds are credited with uniting the body, mind, and soul. In such alignment, all endeavors are said to blessed with ample determination, imagination, and fortitude for the tasks ahead. Centering the auspicious bloom of this vintage sunflower, these diamonds also radiate the significance of devotion and affection at the heart of the relationships which sunflowers are said to honor best.

A sunshine necklace for every day, this delightful vintage necklace is a celebration of all things bright and beautiful on this journey of life.