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Era - Victorian

Materials - Silver Topped Gold With Rose Cut Diamonds & Ruby Eyes, 18K Gold Bale

There are few satisfactions in life as marvelous as a safe return home after a taxing voyage along uncertain seas. While for most of us, these adventures are often metaphorical, in Victorian times such arduous excursions were the common lot of sailors and those who traveled far from the familiar in search of something more. To these intrepid individuals, there was hardly a more welcome sight than the swallow—soaring hint of nearby land and necessary respite from the crests and troughs of the journey.

Crafted from gold topped with silver, rose cut diamonds, and rubies and featuring an 18K gold bale, the Victorian Diamond Swallow Charm puts us in mind of returning home to our selves again and again on this expedition we call life. A tribute to renewing intermissions between undertakings, this radiant Victorian charm is a tribute to the inner knowing which tells us when to go and when to stay, when to toil and when to rest. Diamond delight with eyes of ruby, this sweet swallow charm is a captivating antique celebration of restoration and recovery along the human way.