$4,850.00 USD


Era - Vintage 

Materials - 18K White Gold & Diamonds (2.33tcw)

Said by some to be the gemstone of Angerona—Goddess of the sun’s return after winter—diamonds are jewels of renaissance. Bright with the promise of radiant resurrection following the chilling torpor of winter, diamonds are said to foster creative inspiration and clarify the inner vision of the one who graces themselves with these most brilliant gems. Sparkling stones of trust and tenacity, diamonds inspire and exhilarate on the odyssey of life. And we certainly feel like we can do almost anything in the company of the gorgeous White Gold & Diamond Bloom Necklace.

Delicately designed in 18K white gold and featuring 2.33 total carat weight of diamonds, this vibrant vintage masterpiece is sunshine and springtime in adornment. Abundantly versatile in all its shimmery goodness, this diamond necklace works its magic equally well on casual days and extravagant occasions. A gleaming, glittering reminder of your own timeless incandescence, this necklace is to us a tribute to all the moments we are reborn.