$1,650.00 USD


Materials - Victorian Claw Token & Old Mine Cut Diamond With 18K Gold Shield

In every life, there are challenges. Some of our own choosing. Some thrust upon us without regard to our wishes or opinions on their presence. And one such challenge for the inhabitants near Nemea in ancient Greece was the Nemean Lion. 

Terrible and vicious, the Nemean Lion wreaked havoc without mercy until Heracles was charged with destroying it as the first of his seven labors. With golden fur impenetrable by mortal weapons, it was a formidable opponent even for the divine hero. Yet Heracles triumphed in the end, vanquishing the beast and freeing those once terrorized by it from its threat. 

It’s name a testament to the grit and genius of Heracles, the fascinating Nemean Necklace is singularly striking in its simplicity. Exquisitely fashioned with a Victorian claw token, old mine cut diamond, and 18K gold shield, it is a thrilling tribute to the tenacity of the one who wears it as they overcome the trials and tests inherent to existence. Honoring boundless ingenuity and agile adjustments of attitude and strategy, this one of a kind necklace is both gorgeous adornment and scintillating celebration of spirit.