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Era - Contemporary Pre-Loved

Materials - 18k Gold & Diamond (.20ct)

Size - 6.75

The year was 1720—or maybe even earlier—when something very near to the spirit of Vulcan seems to have whispered inspiration to members of the Hans D Krieger family in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. Though often thought to have gone the way of the ancient Romans who first worshipped him as the God of forge, fire, and metalwork, it appears Vulcan still worked his magic in this German hamlet as it was quickly becoming known as a center for fine excellent work. And paramount among the many exquisite goldsmiths and gemstone cutters of Idar-Oberstein was the name and work of Hans D Krieger. 


Survival throughout the centuries as one of the most notable names in jewelry history takes an immense dedication to magnificent design and quality, and one glance at the Hans D Krieger Diamond Band is enough to show us why Hans D Krieger continues to be known as among the finest of jewelry artisans. Fashioned from 18K gold and featuring a dazzling diamond at its center, this elegant ring is stately in its simplicity. A classic contemporary piece from a jewelry house that has earned every word of praise for its craftsmanship throughout hundreds of years, this gold and diamond band is the perfect accompaniment for any ensemble.