$450.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 18K Gold & Red Coral

Size - 5

Protection. Passion. Pluck. According to lore and legends, a heaping measure of all three are bestowed on those who adorn themselves with red coral. Yet even if it weren’t among the most auspicious gems for those of us determined to live life on our terms, we would still adore the entrancing Romantic Coral Ring simply for its crimson glory.

Enrobed in 18K gold, the scarlet centerpiece of this exceptional vintage ring is believed to attract favorable abundance. One of the few organic gemstones know to humans, coral’s aqueous origins led Pliny to circulate stories that coral could also calm the turmoil of the sea. But it wasn’t only the ancient Romans who told tales of its myriad mystical powers. Many Indigenous tribes of North America revered coral for its resemblance to the blood which flowed through them and sustained their existence. And ancient Chinese people credited coral with granting long life and wisdom to those who possessed it. 

A talisman for some, a flourish for others, a treasure to all—this vibrant vintage ring catches the eye and maybe a bit of extra good luck wherever it is worn.