$4,400.00 USD


Era - Antique circa 1800's

Materials - 18K Gold & 1.30ct Opal, diamonds

Size - 6

Venerable vessel of the sacred, navette literally translates to “little ship,” but signifies so much more than simple transportation. In some ecclesiastic rituals, the navette holds the incense which connects those it envelops to the Divine. In France, navette is the name of a pastry shaped to resemble the ship which carried the traditional Christian saints Mary Magdalene and Saint Martha to Marseilles. And in the heavenly Antique Navette Opal Ring, navette is the form taken by the mystically marvelous opal at its heart. 

An exquisitely elegant adornment fashioned from 18K gold, twinkling diamonds, and an ethereal opal, this astounding antique ring has bewitched for more than two centuries. Kaleidoscopically captivating, the opal at the center of this artistic masterpiece is a gemstone of lore and legend. Believed to connect the wearer to the nurturing aspects of cosmic consciousness, opals are credited with generating flashes of intuition, insight, and imagination as dynamic as the play of light dancing from their depths. Gemstones of optimism and creativity, opals are also said to free inhibitions and ignite enthusiasm while also empowering those who wear them to maintain a serene center.

Crafted at the turn of the 19th century, this magnificent ring is a timeless wonder. Embodiment of the sacred in both design and elements, it adds a bit of celestial mystery to every day and any ensemble.