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Era - Vintage

Materials - Amethyst, Platinum Band, 18k Gold Setting

Size - 6

The ancient Greeks believed amethysts could prevent drunkenness, yet we find the striking Amethyst Candy Ring absolutely intoxicating. Centering a dynamic design of 18K gold, platinum, and diamonds, the stunning amethyst at the heart of this gorgeous ring thrills with its potent purple. 

Fascinating humans for more than 5000 years, amethysts are said to be as much boon as beauty for those who wear them. If lore and legend are believed, they offer those who wear them a boost of creativity and the imagination to see just what is possible with a little faith and a lot of dedication. Said to safeguard dreams, enhance intuition, and inspire confidence in one’s self, amethysts are also credited with connecting wearers to the Divine within and without

Though these marvelous gems were once reserved for royals and ecclesiastics who believed their decadent colors should belong only to a few, we are happily long past those days. Thus the brilliance of this remarkable vintage ring can be enjoyed on any day and every occasion that could do with a flash of vivacious violet.