$925.00 USD


Era - Antique c1900

Materials - 14K Gold, .35ct Sapphire & .30ct Old Mine Cut Diamonds

Size - 5.25

In numerology, the number three might just be the most significant integer in the world. Symbolizing a wholeness which encompasses every duality and represents the beginning, middle, and end of all things, three is considered the number of integrity, expansion, and abundance. And with exactly that number of gleaming gemstones, it’s not a stretch to consider this handsome Antique Sapphire & Diamond Three Stone Ring the embodiment of all such things. 

A masterful composition of 14K gold, sapphire, and old mine cut diamonds, this antique three stone ring features gorgeous gems whose individual lore complements the import of their united number. Spanning the shades of celestial blue, sapphires have long been credited with connecting those who wear them to the Divine within themselves and throughout the world. Stones of wisdom, they have also been said to protect the wearer from harm as well as improve inner sight and empower a more dynamic understanding of one’s own self. And as gems of brilliance, clarity, and strength, the diamonds which hold the center sapphire in their embrace are believed to lend their own attributes to all who wear them. 

Fashioned at the turn of the 20th century, this elegant ring has been lending its enchantment to humans for more than 100 years. It easily stands alone in its beauty, but also delights in the company of others. Perfectly suited to the expression of all genders, this unique ring is a celebration of all which makes us wholly ourselves.