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Era - Georgian

Materials - 18K Gold, Portrait

Size - 5.25

There are myriad perks to living in the modern age with all the opportunities made possible by advancements in awareness and technology. But one thing we do envy those alive in Georgian England is the importance placed on honoring the toll taken on a heart and life by grief. Georgian mourning periods, mourning rituals, and mourning jewelry like this extraordinary Georgian Portrait Mourning Ring all openly demonstrated that life would never be the same for those who had to say goodbye.

Incorporating the willow and urn design ubiquitous in mourning jewelry of the Georgian and Victorian eras, this tender portrait of one bereaved is set into detailed 18K gold. Symbolic of the immense weight grief places on the shoulders of the ones left behind, the willow bending towards the mourner honors the burden that is love with no place to go. Emblematic of the one who died, the urn is a tribute to the transitory nature of existence. And the weeping figure needs no explanation to anyone who has ever had to bid a final farewell to one held forever dear in the heart.

A poignant piece of jewelry history, this marvelous Georgian ring illustrates lingering love and would have been worn with pride in honor of the one gone. A magnificent addition to any collection, this mourning ring reminds us that love—like grief—knows no bounds of time or space.