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Era - Antique circa 1900's

Materials - 18K Gold & Diamonds

Size - 8.5

Thrilling and a little bit terrifying, the first years of the 20th century must have been utterly wondrous to witness. With the Wright brothers taking to the skies, the automobile taking over the roads, and women beginning to take up more and more space outside the four walls of their homes, these were years of total transformation made manifest. A brilliant creation for a curious world, the Gold & Diamond Garland Ring first lit up rooms during this time, too, and it’s clear to see this antique beauty has not stopped delighting since its inception.

Meticulously crafted from 18K gold embellished by the twinkle of diamonds, this charming band is a radiant reminder to us that every moment on this planet offers adventure for those who dare to seek beyond what has been. Gems said to inspire the vision which first ignites the ache to expand, diamonds are just the jewels to companion the bold. Offspring of imagination and invention, this antique ring is perfect for every day, every moment of being you as you write your own story to be told someday by those who come after.