$3,950.00 USD


Era - Vintage c1940's

Materials - 18k Gold Band, Platinum Setting & Approximately .90ct Old Mine Cut Diamonds 

Size - 5

In the tumult of transition, there is little more comforting than a steady presence. That’s why we are absolutely in love with the sublime Retro Diamond Duo Ring. Brought into being in the 1940s, this handsome Retro ring features a marvelous match of old mine cut diamonds encased in a platinum setting all held within an 18K gold band.

As the tragedy and turmoil wrought by World War II was felt in the hearts and homes of countless people, there were those who dared to create magic and marvel in the midst of darkness. Working with a limited supply of gold and precious gems, these artisans designed jewelry that captured the evolutionary ethos of the era. With a nod to Art Deco and an eye towards the future, Retro jewelry was born.

While we would adore this Retro ring no matter the gems shimmering from within its golden embrace, we are particularly struck by how appropriate the diamond is for just such an optimistic ring. Gems beloved for their clarity and strength, diamonds have long been emblematic of the dogged determination and tenacity at the heart of all endeavors to brighten the world around and within. Jewels of faith and fortitude, diamonds honor the strength to go on and the ability to manifest joy on the journey.

A brilliant tribute to the past, a stylish ring for the present, a whisper of hope for the future, this Retro diamond masterpiece shimmers and shines with the light of all that is possible.