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Era - Vintage

Materials - 18K Gold, Rubies & Diamonds

Size - 6

Brazen. Loose. Wanton. Women who defy constricting carnal customs have been disparaged throughout history. But rather than insults, we see these words as badges of honor bedecking models of moxie. Avid, aroused, and erotic, such women are Goddesses come to everyday life. And if ever there were a perfect ring to celebrate this daring and desire, the spectacular Ruby Strawberry Pop Ring is just that. 

Berry of bold appetite, this vintage showpiece features 18K gold, decadent rubies, and ravishing diamonds fashioned to form the fruit of Venus. As gemstones of fiery passion, it is most fitting that rubies bedeck this brilliant ring. Credited with invigorating the ardor of both body and soul, rubies have a reputation for fueling flames which warm the courage of those who wear them until they dare to go after exactly whatever it is they want. 

A vibrant tribute and talisman to the voracious, this vintage ring dazzles with its significance as well as its unique beauty.