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Era - Contemporary with Vintage Diamond

Materials - Platinum, Triangle Cut Diamond (.97ct K/SI2) and Turquoise 

Size - 6

Peace on the journey—that’s what comes to mind whenever we catch a glimpse of the stunning Turquoise and Diamond Arrow Ring. Masterfully designed by uniting diamond and turquoise in a platinum embrace, this contemporary ring with a vintage diamond brings ease to our spirits simply by existing. 

If lore and legends of the fabulous gems are to be believed, this sense of serenity is not just a figment of our imaginations. Turquoise has long been honored as a gem of tranquility and abiding strength. Shaded the color of the heavens and seas, turquoise has also been credited with empowering courage as we traverse the ebbs and flows of existence. Once believed to protect wearers from harm should their horse stumble and throw them, turquoise remains a treasured talisman for pilgrimages both literal and metaphorical.

Diamonds, too, are gems of composure. Symbolic of all that is steadfast and tenacious, diamonds are believed to help integrate all that is vital for every endeavor—strength, ingenuity, determination, and vision all come together in harmony in the company of diamonds. 

A vibrant vision of what is possible, a tribute to all that is in this moment, this gorgeous glittering turquoise and diamond rings adds resolute radiance to any day and every occasion.