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Era - French Victorian

Materials - 18k Gold, Old Mine Cut Diamond and Milk Tooth 

Size - 7

Tenacious and resilient—the love of a mother is a powerful force. First teeth, first words, and first steps, mothers often mark and remember—at least in their hearts—the milestones reached by their children of any age. In Victorian times, simply surviving infancy was a feat to be celebrated. An alarming infant mortality rate meant no one could take it for granted that their children would make it to the age of permanent teeth. Thus baby teeth utilized in the fashioning of a mother’s own jewelry became a symbol of a child’s survival as much as a token of nostalgia. 

As with many facets of life throughout Europe during the Victorian age, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert led the way into popularizing milk tooth jewelry. When their first daughter Princess Victoria lost her first tooth—tugged free by Prince Albert himself—the Prince Consort had it preserved in a brooch he designed for the queen. Led by the royal example, many women took to having the milk teeth of their children fashioned into a sentimental adornment. 

The Victorian Milk Tooth Ring is a spectacular specimen of this historic trend. Crafted from 18K gold, an old mine cut diamond, and a milk tooth, this delightfully odd ring is sure to catch the eye and spark a conversation. Perfect for anyone who prefers their jewelry to be a bit unusual, this historic piece is a celebration of survival.