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Era - Vintage

Materials - Platinum, Star Sapphire, Diamonds

Size - 10.75

Weight - 22.80 g

While we utterly adore a crystal clear sunset sky with all its thrilling violets, corals, blushes, and blues, there’s something particularly enchanting about an overcast evening slowly shambling into nighttime. Conjuring singularly splendid twilights brimming with the mystical, the captivating Vintage Cloudy Nights Ring captures the spellbinding magic of the star sapphire at its center.

Set in platinum and accompanied by twinkling diamonds, the gem at the heart of this handsome ring is credited with enhancing the stamina and strength of the one who wears it as they journey towards the attainment of audacious goals. An amplifier of energy and stone of abundance, star sapphires are said are said to perfectly complement the manifestation of dreams and infuse all endeavors with a touch of the transcendent. A symbol of the sacred, star sapphires honor the Divine within and without. And as is evident in this ring, they look particularly pleasing in the company of diamonds and platinum.

Truly a masterpiece honoring the mystery and marvel of existence, this vintage ring is a tribute to the strange beauty of the unknown on this adventure of life.