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Era - Antique

Materials - 14K Gold, Platinum, Pearls, Diamonds

Size - 3.5

Within the soul of every pearl lies the spirit of the moon—or so the story goes according to some Chinese legends. Gleaming and gorgeous, each pearl is the celestial brought to earth, the divine made manifest. Delicacies of the deep, they originate from a hint, an impression, a whisper. With just a tingle, brilliance is begun. So too is it with the kind of love that endures through the ebbs and flows of life—the abiding affection and steadfast devotion celebrated by the Vintage Dual Pearl Toi Et Moi Ring. 

Fashioned from 14K gold, platinum, diamonds, and a duo of luminous pearls, this exquisite vintage rinG is so much more than stunning. Still held by many to be the most precious gemstone known to humans, pearls have enraptured for ages. Said to symbolize faith and fidelity, pearls are an outstanding gift for one’s beloved. Held within a diamond embrace, these sensual gems of the sea shimmer with all the splendor of a heart besotted. A timeless treasure of forever, this vintage toi et moi ring is a tribute to every storm weathered, every hope sustained, and every moment shared.