$2,400.00 USD


Era - 1980'S

Materials - 18k Gold & Diamonds 

Size - 7.5

All is ephemeral. All is eternal. Embodied in this gleaming Vintage Gold and Diamond Chain Ring, these timeless truths can be slipped on the finger and displayed with any ensemble. Fashioned from 18K gold and a chorus of dazzling diamonds, each link in this singular vintage chain ring is a brilliant reminder of the connection shared between the past and present, momentary and immortal. 

Often symbolic of the attachment between individuals, ornamental chains have been incorporated into adornment almost since humans began wearing clothes. When set with diamonds—alluring gemstones prized for their strength as well as their radiance—the symbolism of an enduring bond capable of weathering any storm cannot be denied.

An excellent choice for celebrating a relationship shared with another or adding to your collection of unique pieces, this handsome vintage blaze of diamonds and gold offers excellent finger coverage and a profile perfect for showing off on any occasion.