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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold, Vintage Coin, Rubies

Size - 5

Ruthless. Resolute. Romantic. With these three Rs, the character of Napoleon Bonaparte can be fairly summed up. And as a man brimming with both ego and sentiment, we are sure Napoleon himself would be thrilled that his profile graces the singularly striking Vintage Napoleon Gold Coin Ring. 

Composed of a vintage coin featuring Napoleon in profile and two radiant rubies set into a gorgeous 14K gold band, this handsome vintage treat is about as marvelous a history lesson as we have ever seen. 

Napoleon embodied multifaceted. After proving to be a formidable opponent in military and political campaigns, he declared himself Emperor of France in 1804 and established the Napoleonic Code—civil laws which influenced the formation of legal systems throughout the world. But Napoleon was not without a heart, and this he proved through the penning of love letters filled to the brim with mushy declarations of affection. And though it is not as widely recognized as his military and political ambitions, he also thought of himself as something of a creative writer and set down on paper at least one romantic novella. 

A tribute—in our eyes—to the dynamism of humanity, this intriguing vintage ring is likely to catch the eyes and spark conversations wherever it goes.