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Era - Antique

Materials - 14K Gold, Platinum, Pearl, Diamonds

Size - 6

Back before the first humans began to mark time, there was an extraordinary storm. Bolt after bolt of lightning sizzled from the sky. Rumble after rumble of thunder shook the ground. For all the moments it lasted, every creature on earth wondered at its power. And when it was spent, it left a rainbow in its wake. Just like the spectacular storm, this was no ordinary rainbow—for where it met the earth, pearls were formed. Iridescent. Opalescent. Marvelous. According to Persian lore, these organic gemstones were gifts from the gods and goddesses. And the magnificent Vintage Pearl & Diamond Toi Et Moi Ring displays the wonder of these lustrous legacies in a particularly phenomenal fashion. 

Shimmering from a setting of 14K gold and platinum, the diamond and pearl at the heart of this utterly romantic ring are united together in a dazzling declaration of affection and adoration. As sparkling symbols of tenacious tenderness, diamonds are said to honor the faith and fidelity of enduring love. And as gemstones of wisdom acquired through experience, pearls pay tribute to all the reasons you know in your soul that you’ve found your forever. A celebration of two souls woven together with a devotion as remarkable as this radiant ring, this vintage dream is a fascinating addition to the lore of your love.