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Era - Vintage

Materials - 18k White Gold, Sapphire (1.25ct) & Baguette Diamonds (1.20ct) 

Size - 5.5

There is a legend which says the entirety of the universe is balanced on a tremendous blue sapphire. Coloring the heavens with its reflection, the brilliant blue cosmic foundation also shares fragments of itself with humans as the sapphires discovered on the earth. 

This celestial connection between shades of sky and stone is among the reasons sapphires have long been credited with helping mortals commune with the divine. Sapphires are also believed to lead the way to insight and knowledge rooted deep within the collective consciousness at the heart of every human. A gemstone of focus and serenity, sapphires are said to soothe fears, offer clarity, and inspire courage in those who wear them. 

For all these reasons and many more, we are smitten with sapphires. Stealing our heart in particular is the stunning Vintage Sapphire and Diamond Chevron Ring. Masterfully fashioned from 18K white gold, a dazzling array of baguette diamonds, and a marvelous 1.25 carat sapphire, this mesmerizing vintage ring cannot help but enchant and empower the one fortunate enough to slip it on. A gift from the cosmos in every respect, this captivating ring will light up your world.