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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold, Enamel & Diamond 

Size - 9

Perpetual evolution, perennial flow, progressive understanding—the intriguing Vintage Triskelion Signet is a tribute to the triads of humanity. Fashioned from 14k gold and enamel, this vintage diamond-centered signet features one of the most ancient and pervasive figures scattered throughout the world. 

Originating from the Greek word triskeles, meaning three-legged, the triskelion has been inscribed on landmarks, artifacts, and ornaments since the Neolithic age. Sometimes taken as evidence of a universal wisdom which transcends the bounds of time and geography, the triskelion has come to symbolize everything from the cycle of life, death, and rebirth to the union of spirit, mind, and body to the thrilling exploration of sexual vistas.

Centered within this striking vintage signet, the enamel and diamond triskelion is both expansive and intimate in its embodied meaning. Whether selected for what it signifies within your own spirit or simply because it is a marvelously unique addition to your ensemble, this triskelion signet honors the past, present, and future of all.