$975.00 USD


Era - Vintage with French Hallmarks

Materials - 18K Gold, Enamel & Turquoise

Size - 6.5

As the oldest documented gemstone in human history, turquoise has inspired lore and legends throughout time and civilizations. According to Persian mythos, a glimpse of the new moon’s reflection in a turquoise grants the ability to elude evil and gather good fortune. In the Middle Ages, turquoise was said to keep from harm those who fell from horses or while walking—no small claim given that such injuries were often lethal during that time. And in tales told by the tribes of the Apache Nation, turquoise was believed to aid the accuracy of aim during hunting. 

Superbly set in 18K gold and enamel, the brilliant blaze of blue turquoise in this exquisite Vintage French Turquoise Ring is near-magic to behold—reminding us of the sun and sea. A protective stone of body as well as energy, turquoise is said to clear the mind of muddled thoughts and aid in releasing anxiety. A gem of the throat chakra, it is also credited with inspiring courage and creativity in self-expression. An ornament of empowerment and sensational beauty, this vintage ring with French hallmarks has traveled the world to share its wonder with the marvel that is you.