$26,000.00 USD


Era - Vintage - 1950s

Materials - Platinum, Emeralds, Diamonds

Size - 4

First, they cast their votes. Then they took off their corsets. They fractured taboos, went to work in factories, became military electricians and mechanics. And during the 1950s, the women who had steadily gained greater autonomy throughout the first half of the 20th century began in earnest to buy jewelry for themselves. 

Dashing dazzler of that decade, the dynamite 1950’s Emerald Ring may well have been the first piece one lucky woman added to her collection simply because she craved it. And if it were so, she could hardly have selected a more felicitous phenomenon. Composed of platinum, diamonds, and an exquisite emerald at its heart, this vintage showstopper is everything resilient and remarkable in one ring.

Gemstones of Astarte—Phoenician Goddess of feminine independence—emeralds have long been credited with honoring and empowering visionary ideas in those who wear them. Stones of discernment, wisdom, and focus, emeralds are also said to aid in the attraction and attainment of desires. And then there are the diamonds. These sixteen surrounding stones harmonize perfectly in beauty and significance with the center emerald. Gems of strength, tenacity, and clarity of purpose, every single diamond is so much more than simply stunning. 

A ravishing ring crafted during an era of daring to do for one’s own female self, this outstanding emerald and diamond ring is a celebration of all things brilliant and the bold in the souls of intrepid women.