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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k Gold and Coral 

Size - 11

Before the advent of air travel, the world did not seem as small as it often does these days. Journeys we can make in a matter of hours or maybe a day took weeks, months, and even years. But despite the investment of time and the possibilities of danger, people traveled to places far from home and often carried with them something to delight anyone they might meet wherever they were going. 


Centuries ago, as the Spanish traveled throughout various parts of the Americas, they introduced indigenous communities to the wonder of coral. Sourced from the sea thousands of miles away from what we know as the southwest United States, both the color and provenance of coral were believed by members of the Navajo nation to imbue this gemstone with spiritual power. Representative of the sustenance made possible by the warmth of the sun, the flames of fire, and the depths of earth’s waters, coral also honors the powerful and energetic life force within all beings.


A dynamic tribute to masterful craftsmanship and the beauty of coral, this striking Navajo Made 14K Gold and Coral Ring captivates us with its stately elegance. Featuring one of the sacred stones of the Navajo people, this handsome vintage gold ring with a blaze of crimson coral at its center is a magnificent invitation to honor your own journey with gratitude for all that sustains you on your adventures.