$850.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 10k Gold & Onyx

Size - 8

Chivalry and honor. Valor and virtue. Since the first knight rode a noble steed into battle during the reign of Charlemagne, knights have symbolized the bravest qualities of being human—even when they themselves have not been on their best behavior. And to this day, the traditional medieval knight is considered to be an auspicious visitor in the land of dreams. But with this handsome vintage S Knight Signet Ring in your collection, you won’t have to wait to fall asleep to be graced with a fortuitous presence.

Existing since 3500 BCE, signet rings have a storied history of indicating identity, status, and affiliations in civilizations across timelines and the world. Fashioned from 10K gold and onyx, this intriguing signet ring captivates with its unique design. Featuring black onyx—a gemstone said to protect and strengthen those who wear it—this singular vintage ring is talisman, conversation piece, and impressive ornament all in one. Though carefully crafted for someone it no longer adorns, it is ready to take part in a new story—your story—bringing a bit of vintage glory into your own remarkable present.