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Era - Art Deco 

Materials - Platinum, Sapphires, Emeralds, Diamond and Cobalt Enamel 

Size - 5.5

A brilliant mosaic of platinum, enamel, and gemstones, The Hatshepsut Ring embodies the ideal of Art Deco. And it has the honor of being named for one heck of an impressive woman, too. As the second female pharaoh in ancient Egyptian history, Hatshepsut—Foremost of Noble Ladies—ruled a male-dominated society with wisdom, courage, and confidence. 

Cultural confinement to hearth and home was not for Hatshepsut, nor was it accepted any longer as the only choice for women in the Art Deco era. En masse, many of the women who had gone to work in the factories during World War I refused to shrink back into the accepted gender roles of the time. They declared freedom from the former ways of being. and the jewelry they wore reflects that transformation.

Vivid colors. Geometric lines. Art Deco artisans innovated beyond the bounds of what came before. With dazzling cobalt enamel, sapphires, emeralds, and diamond set in platinum, this stunning ring is a tribute to the creative prowess of its bold creator as well as the woman for which it is named. It serves as a tribute, too, to your own daring. Wear it with pride, knowing you are in great company.