$11,500.00 USD


Era - Vintage 

Materials - 18k Gold & Diamonds (7ct/124 Diamonds)

Length - 16"

Irrepressible thunderbolts. Invincible fire. Embodied celestial spirits. With myriad legends passed on as attempts to explain the vivacity of a diamond’s splendor, it’s clear these dazzling gemstones are more than just sparkle and shine. Esteemed throughout history and geography for their strength and clarity, diamonds have long represented all that is brave and brilliant, wonderful and wise. And when we caress the gorgeous Gold Diamond Necklace, we can practically feel the magic diamonds are said to bestow on all who wear them. 

Radiance for every occasion, this phenomenal 18K gold necklace features a ravishing troupe of 124 dancing diamonds. Most often known as a tennis necklace today, this vintage diamond necklace was once often called an eternity necklace—an alternative moniker that suits it well as the scintillating beauty and soulful significance of the gems from which this vintage necklace is composed are practically timeless. 

Said to be gemstones of indomitable spirit, diamonds have been credited with throwing wide the door to enlightenment for those who have the courage to enter. In fact, the Diamond Sutra—the sacred text of Mahāyāna Buddhism—takes its name from the blade made of diamond which is believed to separate truth from illusion and illuminate the everlasting. And in traditional Hindu teachings, there are at least 14 names given to diamonds as proof that these jewels—like humans—are too dynamic for any one definition.

A perfect gift of enduring affection for yourself or another, this stunning necklace captivates with its marvelous meaning and singular grace.