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Era - Victorian

Materials - 18k Gold & Bloodstone 

Size - 9.5

It’s an ancient idea to grind a stone into a powder and mix it into a potion. Even in today’s modern world of science and medicine, this magic lives on. In India, bloodstone is crushed to dust and used as an aphrodisiac. These spellbinding recipes call for the finest of fine in terms of bloodstone choice, and only the best of the best make the cut for this passionate elixir. It’s love at first sight with that alluring deep jasper green and sexy bright red inclusions.

Our Grounding Stone Ring is one of those baubles that once you put it on, you won’t want to take it off. And honestly, there’s no need to (unless, of course, the aphrodisiac kicks in). It’s a size 9.5 US, crafted in the Victorian era, boasting a century and a half of history. This ring adds in 18-karat gold and a semi-high profile fit for a King or Queen. Forget the potion, it's ravishingly spellbinding right there on your finger.