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Era - Early 1900's

Materials - 14k Gold & Bloodstone 

Size - 9.5

The banner reads "ESTO SEMPER FIDELIS" which translates to "BE EVER FAITHFUL"

Be ever faithful. It is only fitting this maxim is inscribed on a gemstone believed to empower resilience and spiritual renewal. In the Christian tradition, it is said that the bloodstone was created when blood from Jesus’s wounds dripped onto stones of green jasper at the foot of the cross. For this reason, it is a gem associated with the healing of both physical and emotional wounds. It is also credited with granting the wearer with courage and protecting from betrayals.


First crafted in the time of the Bronze Age, signet rings have been worn throughout history for purposes beyond fashion. From ancient Greece and Egypt to the Byzantine and Roman empires and through to when literacy became commonplace, signet rings were personalized to the wearer and carved with the crest of the owner to be used as both signature and seal.


By the time the Antique Bloodstone and Signet Ring was crafted, these rings were considered more the mark of a gentleman than necessary ornamentation. Fashioned from 18K gold and centered with an intaglio in bloodstone, this ring offers excellent finger coverage and a touch of stately elegance to any day. Whether worn simply for its striking look or its more metaphysical qualities, this antique ring is sure to serve you well as you make your own mark on the world.