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Era - Antique 

Materials - 14k Gold & Carnelian  

Size - 8

Measurements - 20 x 15mm

No doubt about it, the Romans were a mighty people. But from where did their power come? Ancient Romans believed in gods who supported their conquests and endeavors. To these gods, they made offerings intended to garner favor and avoid disaster. But they did not just leave the protection of their bodies, crops, and interests up to the divine. They did what they could to help their deities along by wearing stones such as carnelian to ward off the evil eye.


Because carnelian is relatively easy to carve and hot wax does not stick to it, this hardstone was often used to make signet rings in ancient Rome. But it was also believed that carnelian held good luck. A ring of carnelian might bring the wearer power, courage, and protection. And aren’t there days when even the least superstitious among us could use a helping hand on the courage front?


This Antique Hardstone Cameo Ring with the profile of a Roman soldier engraved in carnelian is just the ticket for the days when you could use a little help remembering you are a magnificent being with the power and courage to do whatever it is that must come next. Slip it on your finger and head off in courage, knowing you have the luck of carnelian and the strength of a Roman soldier supporting your endeavors.