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Era - c1930's

Materials - 14k Gold, Diamond (.65ct) & Pearls 

Size - 6

A look through the archives of feminist history reveals something of a lull during the 1930s. In the midst of the Great Depression, the sense of urgency propelling much of the progress for women in the prior decade diminished to almost nothing. But even the doldrums, beacons of female endeavor shone through in daring displays of dynamic capabilities. One such woman was Amelia Earhart. And even as Earhart took to the skies over and again in the 1930s—becoming the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic in 1932—this marvelous Antique Pearl and Diamond Three Stone Ring was brought into existence.

While probably never worn by Earhart herself, this 14K gold, diamond, and pearl ring was worn by someone who likely bore witness to Earhart’s exploits through newspaper and radio reports. We like to imagine her inspired by the tales of female daring. And if such inspiration galvanized her into reclaiming some part of her own soul from societal expectations, she could not have had a better ring for company on her adventure than this gorgeous adornment of diamond and pearls. 

Known for symbolizing strength and tenacity, diamonds also embody clarity of purpose and fortitude for the journey ahead. Holding the diamond in their luminous embrace, each pearl symbolizes balance and the wisdom of experience. Together they unite to create an empowering ring of exquisite beauty—perfect for stacking or standing alone. A ring with a past, this elegant love invites the wearer to own their present and shape their future.