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Era - Art Deco

Materials - Platinum & 18k Gold, Ruby, Diamonds 

Size - 4.5

Flashing its sultry cerise beauty wherever it goes, the charm of this Antique Ruby Starship Ring is practically out of this world. This comes as no surprise to us since the dynamic headliner of this Art Deco darling has been robustly featured in supernatural lore and legends transcending time and geography. In fact, ancient Vedic texts reveal the ruby to be the gemstone of Surya, the Sun God, and thus rubies continue to adorn myriad sacred talismans to this day. 

As gemstones said to represent the center of the solar system, rubies are also believed to embody vitality, strength, and endurance. In excellent company with the ruby, the diamonds dazzling from the shoulders of this enchanting antique ring are also credited with imbuing those who wear them with the resilience and brilliance of the gems themselves. An Art Deco ornament of celestial alignment, this ruby and diamond ring brings vibrant elegance to ordinary days and exceptional occasions alike.