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Era - Art Deco

Materials - Platinum & Diamonds (.97ct center Old European Cut, .30ct Marquise sides) 

Size - 5.5

For all that has been written about it, lasting love remains one of life’s most thrilling mysteries, with each enchanting tale of romance as unique as those besotted. Magnificent and miraculous as love is, though, it was only in the last century that it became an acceptable reason for entwining one’s life with another. Coinciding with the brilliant birth of Art Deco, the freedom to choose one’s own forever was celebrated in singular style. 

Crafted during this era when marrying for love transformed from exceptional venture into prevailing practice throughout much of the Western world, this radiant Art Deco .97ct Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring is romance come to life. Exquisite in design and craftsmanship, this elegant engagement ring features a phenomenal Old European cut diamond held in the embrace of brilliant marquise diamonds and peerless platinum.

With a magnificence so ethereal that Plato believed they held the spirits of celestial beings, diamonds have been prized as the gemstone of beauty and wonder for centuries. Formed from pure carbon—one of the basic elements of life—diamonds have become symbolic of fundamental strength and resilience at the core of all enduring relationships. Vivacious and incandescent, they are also joy embodied—each shimmer and sparkle a celebration of the love which adds luster to existence.  A spectacular tribute to every sentence of your own love story, this Art Deco Engagement ring is both a gift from the past and a promise for the future shared with the one who holds your heart.