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Era - Edwardian

Materials - Platinum, Diamonds & Natural Pearl 

Size - 6.75

Measurements - 10.5 x 10mm

Daughters of the moon. Tears of the gods. Pearls have a storied history brimming with legends. Some hold that pearls were creations of the earth mother fertilized by the heavens and brought to life by flashes of lightning. Others claim pearls were first created in the place where a rainbow touched the earth after a storm. 

Utilized as a grounding element and a talisman by many, pearls have long delighted those fortunate enough to possess them. Throughout time, these gems have symbolized wealth and humility, purity and wisdom. In the Edwardian era, though, they were primarily worn to flaunt wealth. More expensive than diamonds at the turn of the century, pearls were prized for how they set the aristocracy apart from those of lower classes and mere commoners.

This Edwardian Diamond and Pearl Ring would likely have been worn to impress upon others the affluence of the wearer. Now, though, in a time when nobility lies in character rather than material possessions, this captivating creation of platinum, diamonds, and natural pearl—heaven and earth in a ring—can belong to anyone, gleaming like a full moon from the finger of the one who wears it.