$4,500.00 USD


Era - Belle Epoque

Materials - Platinum & 18k Gold with 8ct Amethyst, Diamonds & Pearl Drop

Length - 

Weight - 8.9dwt


It seems to be a part of the human condition to long for the good old days. When entangled in the drudgeries of the daily, we often forget to appreciate the present until it becomes a part of the past. Lucky for us, radiant reminders exist to be grateful for some part of each day as we live it. And the Belle Époque Amethyst and Diamond Necklace is among the most remarkable of them.


La Belle Époque—the Beautiful Era—encompassed the years between 1880 and the beginning of World War I in France. During this age of innovation, optimism, peace, and prosperity,  joie de vivre—joy of living—seemed much easier to come by than in the years which followed. Ecstatic at the wonder of being alive during such a time of exuberant abundance, artisans designed captivating pieces of jewelry which reflected their gaiety and delight in existence. 


Masterfully designed in quintessential Belle Époque style, this spectacular platinum and 18K gold features dazzling diamonds, a charming pearl drop, and a stunning 8 carat amethyst. Known as a gemstone symbolic of spiritual connection, the amethyst which centers this breathtaking necklace is divine. And as an ideal complement to this violet gemstone, an ensemble of diamonds and a solo pearl unite to create an outstanding piece of jeweled perfection. An extraordinary celebration of the beautiful era and this marvelous life, this magnificent necklace is truly a timeless piece.