$950.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold & Enamel

Size - 0.75"

Tiny piece of paper inside reads: "November 4, 1952 This day..." Much of the rest of the writing has been faded by water damage leaving its next owner to speculate and wonder what happened on that day in 1952. 


Faithful love, fond memories, and everlasting connection—though a diminutive bloom, the darling forget-me-not holds tremendous symbolic significance in each eggshell blue petal. And simply by the presence of forget-me-nots on the golden roof of this delightful cottage home, we can guess this adorable Forget Me Not Home Charm was chosen to commemorate at least one moment most marvelous. 

Brought to life in 14K gold and delicate enamel work, this bitsy vintage bungalow holds within its walls a hidden chamber for a keepsake small yet meaningful. In fact, it has been home to a treasured token for nearly 70 years. Though now mostly a mystery, a note inside memorializes November 4, 1952 as a day worth remembering, revealing that the choice of a forget-me-not home was one made with love and tributary intentions. 


Home of abiding affection and a bit of historic mystery, this remarkable vintage charm is an adorable addition to any collection.